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Hi welcome to Aubourn gardens a beautiful private garden located in the village of Aubourn in central Lincolnshire. The gardens are frequently opened to the public and help support local and international charities. We hope to see you there soon.


The Gardens at a Glance

The gardens are at the heart of what we do at Aubourn and make a huge contribution to all our lives. Laid out by Sir Henry and Lady Nevile in the 1980s when he retired from Farming! They now extend to ten acres and have been reimagined and developed by Annabelle  Nevile, the next generation of the family. 

 We have two main parts to the gardens: the prairie garden sits within the Wild area and the Rose garden is centred on the house and forms one of the formal 'Garden Rooms' in the Southern part of the property. As well as these, there is the expansive main lawn, the pond and the Golden triangle. Here are just a few things you can see around the garden: a Norman church, a lily pond, a fallen tree, a tennis court and a treehouse. 

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Red Mountain

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Head Gardener

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