Welcome to Aubourn Gardens a 16th century Manor House surrounded by a beautiful privately owned garden located in the village of Aubourn situated in central Lincolnshire. Our gardens are open for visitors throughout the year which help us support local and international charities.

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The Gardens at a Glance

The gardens are at the heart of what we do in Aubourn and make a huge contribution to all of our lives. The gardens were originally laid out by Sir Henry and Lady Nevile in the 1940s. The estate extends across ten acres and have been reimagined and developed by Christopher and Annabelle Nevile, the next generation of the family. 

There are two main parts of the garden:

The first being the Prairie garden which sits within the wilder area just next to the river Witham. The second being the Rose garden which is located at the front of the hall. The gardens also include an expansive main lawn, three ponds, fallen tree and a golden triangle. 

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Jill von Hidegh-Pichler

The Estate Office

Please feel free to contact me for private garden tours or any general enquiries you might have.

The Estate Office is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.


01522 788224