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What is a 1½ Handicap Bet? Understanding and Winning Tips Up to 99%

The 1½ handicap bet is a common query among many betting enthusiasts, especially those new to football betting. To fully understand and accurately grasp this type of bet, let's explore it in detail with bet win tips guide below.

What is a 1½ Handicap Bet?

A 1½ handicap bet, also known as a 1.5 handicap, is a popular Asian handicap betting format. This type of bet is typically applied in matches where there is a significant disparity in the teams' strength and form.

In this scenario, the stronger team (the favorite) gives a 1.5 goal advantage to the weaker team (the underdog). This levels the playing field, making the match more exciting and competitive. In the final result, the favorite team starts with a -1.5 goal handicap, while the underdog starts with a +1.5 goal advantage.

How to Read a 1½ Handicap Bet

Knowing what a 1½ handicap bet is isn't enough; you must also know how to read it accurately. The reading process is similar to other handicap bets:

  • If the favorite team wins by 2 or more goals: Bets on the favorite win, and those on the underdog lose.

  • If the favorite team wins by 1 goal: Bets on the favorite lose, and those on the underdog win.

  • If the match ends in a draw or the underdog wins: Bets on the favorite lose, and those on the underdog win.

Like the 0.5 handicap bet, the 1½ handicap bet does not result in a draw. There are only win or lose outcomes.

Tips for Winning with a 1½ Handicap Bet

In addition to explaining what a 1½ handicap bet is and how to read it, here are some tips to help you win:

Bet on the Favorite

Typically, in 1.5 handicap matches, there is a significant difference in team performance, and the favorite team usually has a high chance of winning by at least two goals. Therefore, it's often advisable to bet on the favorite for a higher probability of winning.

Monitor Odds Fluctuations Before the Match

betting sites online can change the odds just before the match starts. You should monitor these changes and adjust your bets accordingly. For example, if the initial handicap is 1.5 but drops to 1, consider betting on the underdog. If the handicap increases to 1.75 or 2, bet on the favorite.

Bet Based on Team Lineups

Sometimes, the underdog team may decide to focus on defense to secure a valuable point, making it harder for the favorite to score. In such cases, consider betting on the underdog. If both teams have strong offensive lines, you might also consider betting on the total goals (Over).

Use Reliable Bookmakers

Choosing a reputable bookmaker ensures your information is secure and your winnings are paid out. A trusted bookmaker like W88 provides quick deposit and withdrawal processes, high payout rates, and low commission fees.

How to Participate in a 1½ Handicap Bet

Once you understand the 1½ handicap bet and how to read and win with it, you're probably eager to get started. Here's how:

  1. Access a reputable bookmaker: Visit a trusted site like W88.

  2. Register or log in: Sign up for a new account or log into your existing one.

  3. Deposit funds: Add money to your account.

  4. Select a match: Choose the match you want to bet on.

  5. Choose the 1½ handicap: Pick this bet type.

  6. Place your bet: Finalize your bet and monitor the match.

  7. Withdraw winnings: Collect your earnings if you win.

Important Notes When Betting on a 1½ Handicap at W88

  • Ensure accurate and correct registration details.

  • Each phone number can create only one account.

  • Do not share your account with others.

  • If you forget your password, follow the recovery instructions or contact support.

  • The bookmaker supports multiple banks and online deposit methods.

  • Withdrawals must be made to a bank account that matches your registration information.

  • Stay updated with the bookmaker's promotions to maximize benefits.

This guide covers what a 1½ handicap bet is, how to read it, winning strategies, and how to participate using a reliable new uk bookmaker like W88. Don't wait any longer—register with W88 and start earning exciting rewards today!


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