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Kannadasan Books Vanavasam Free Download At Pdf

Kannadasan Books Vanavasam Free Download at PDF

Kannadasan was a famous Tamil poet, lyricist, and writer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential figures in Tamil literature. He wrote more than 5,000 songs for Tamil films and also penned many novels, short stories, essays, and autobiographies. One of his most popular and acclaimed works is his autobiography Vanavasam, which means "exile" in Tamil.

Vanavasam is a candid and poignant account of Kannadasan's life as a poet, a writer, a politician, a lover, a husband, a father, and a human being. He narrates his personal and professional struggles, his successes and failures, his joys and sorrows, his beliefs and doubts, his hopes and fears, and his dreams and realities. He also reveals his inner thoughts and feelings about various topics such as religion, spirituality, morality, politics, art, culture, society, and history. He does not shy away from expressing his opinions and criticisms on various issues and personalities that he encountered in his life.


Vanavasam is not only a biography of Kannadasan but also a reflection of the Tamil society and culture of his time. He captures the essence and spirit of the Tamil people and their language with his poetic and powerful prose. He also gives a glimpse of the history and evolution of Tamil cinema and literature through his own experiences and observations. He showcases the richness and diversity of Tamil art and culture with his references to various literary works, songs, films, legends, myths, folktales, and proverbs.

Vanavasam is a book that can inspire, enlighten, entertain, and educate anyone who reads it. It is a book that can make you laugh, cry, think, and feel. It is a book that can touch your heart and soul. It is a book that can make you appreciate the beauty and complexity of life.

If you want to read this book, you can download it for free in PDF format from various websites that offer Tamil books . You can also buy a physical copy of the book from bookstores or online retailers . You can also read it in Tamil , if you prefer to enjoy it in its original language.


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