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Lg Usb Touch Panel Driver Download

The majority of the problems are caused by driver incompatibility. This is even more likely if the touchscreen has stopped working after updating Windows 10. We'll cover this, along with many other troubleshooting tips, to get your touchscreen working again.

Lg Usb Touch Panel Driver Download

That did not work. I have tried every single file and none of the drivers work. I have been told that it is a program that needs to be installed. I was also told that the panel is made my a company called ITM touch, i have looked but I cannot see any drivers under that name either.

Does anyone know where I can get the USB driver & set up utility for an LG L1510SF touch screen lCD monitor? I'm bringing this thread back to life because I have the same problem.I started shopping at an organic shop in Alphington, Melbourne run by a guy named Joe ( ).He has a similar model touch screen (L1510BF) for his point of sale software, but it stopped working properly a few weeks ago, and he has lost the CD for it.Now, he really needs the touch screen more than most, as he had his arm blown off by a bomb in lebanon and without the touchscreen it really slows him down as you can imagine.I tried emailing LG but got no response. If anyone could help that would be great. I'm doing this as a favour and not charging an hourly rate or anything.Thanks in advance.

mr pants, u rock ! thanks heaps for posting the universal pointer device drivers on your site. u r a life saver.i had spent like 1 hr trying to find the drivers for my L1730SF monitor i bought today from a factory seconds shop for only $239.this 17" lcd touchscreen seemed to be a bargain too good to pass up on, even knowing it didn't come with the drivers i thank u againP.S. i am typing this via the touchscreen using the winxp's on-screen keyboard hehe ;-)

Try or for Vista evaluation v4.04. Works with vista and xp. It is an evaluation version only. Pay a licence fee to remove a pop up message every 100 touches. For XP and older Full version -

My company write the drivers for ITM that are used on LG monitors. Unfortunately ITM have supplied a number of different USB controllers to LG and in version 3 of our software we defined two separate configurations to handle the two different USB controllers. In version 4 of our driver we have one configuration for all the ITM USB controllers. It would appear that LG are waiting for version 4.1.x before releasing the latest driver but the 4.0.4 production version is available at This driver supports 2000, XP and Vista.Documentation is at

Now it's time for Windows 8.I have managed to get this device working in Windows 8 by installing the latest drivers from (ITM for LG clicking the "Click here for Windows production software" link to get the unlimited version).

Hello, I have the same problem and want to help visitors, just try to download the driver from touch-base, follow the guide from this link I found on search ; -flatron-l1730sf-touch-driver-windows.html

H E L P please ! i need those usb ITM touch base drivers but none of the above links work... i know this thread is aged near to death but i really need my touch monitor... i have L1510SF but i know the drivers are the same with L1730 . I use win7 x64. Anyone still alive and have these drivers?

Hello there, I'm facing a problem with my laptop touch screen I have been trying to fix it but I couldn't.. when searched on google for answers it showed me that I have to go to device manager in control panel then choose human interface devices. but when I click on touch screen It shows me that the device is working, but in fact it's not working at all! I hope you can help me solve this problem

Hi Few methods may helpful to troubleshoot this issue. 1.After open Device Manager, under Human Interface Devices section find HID-compliant touch screen. Right click it disable and then re-enable. 2.Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > launch the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. Check if it could fix. 3.According to your machine model, go to lenovo's official website to download Touch Screen Driver to reinstall. 4. Is this a new problem recently? Check for update if some security updates need to be installed. This could update Windows OS version and system files. 5.Contact Lenovo support to test if it is related to hardware. Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful. Best Regards, Carl

IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY: This GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd. End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd. for the software portion of this GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd. The touchscreen and controller or touch monitor, which includes the accompanying computer software, printed materials and any "online" or electronic documentation ("SOFTWARE"). By installing, copying or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. User must accept the terms of this agreement when prompted, in order to complete download and/or installation of the software.

Are you seeking a guide for HID-compliant touch screen driver download or update? If yes, this post should not be missed. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard details how to download and update the HID-compliant touch screen driver on Windows 10 and 11.

How to update the HID-compliant touch screen driver? You can update the driver using Device Manager or Windows Update, and the steps are the same as the steps to download the driver using Device Manager and Windows Update.

Our global team of engineers and sales support staff can answer your toughest questions. We have offices located around the globe, so we understand challenges specific to your region and location. If you can't find the software downloads and drivers that you need here, please reach out to us for immediate assistance. We are glad to help.

I have it hooked up to a Philips 23' Smooth Touch monitor running through and Mac Mini using Yosemite. I did quite a lot of research on a monitor with this set up and even the people at Philips, (And their website), says it works on MAC OS X. As it turns out, they don't have any drivers for the touch functionality of this monitor let alone gestures that works with MAC OS !!!!! So, I found the UPDD software on Touch-Base and thought it was worth a shot.

unforuntately the touch base drivers trial claims to disable true multitouch and only gives you 100 single clicks per calibration trial. that's a shame because you aren't able to evaluate and really test their drivers for multitouch (how can i be confident and purchase the license?)

I am building a recording studio in home and want to build a couple of touch screen monitors into the console to use for the mixer mostly. I had already found the touch-base drivers and am excited. My only issue was finding the right monitor. I assume any of the multi-touch ones listed with the blue links should be fine.

I just picked up one of the Dell touch monitors and hooked it up as a secondary monitor on my rMBP running Yosemite. - In mirroring mode, the touch seems to work reasonably OK out of the box, but in order to get it to act as a separate display, I had to use the UPDD driver. Not sure it's a great long-term solution, given that the driver costs almost as much as the monitor itself. I'll give it a whirl on my Mac Mini and see how it goes. Production apps like ProPresenter and Wirecast are kinda nice with a touchscreen.

I see you posted this a long time ago, but wonder if you are still using this setup and how it has coped with all the situations you have thrown at it over the last year and a half? Have touch-base been keeping all the drivers up to date for Sierra etc.?

Really I'm most interested in finding out if the Adonit Jot or some other Bluetooth stylus you have found designed for capacitive touch displays has MacOS/OSX drivers so I can use the side buttons to do right and middle click.

For me I just want a decent size UI screen for my video editing and finishing applications like Assimilate Scratch and DaVinci Resolve to replace my current Wacom Cintiq 13HD which I have enjoyed using for some time but find just too small for many of my most often used applications. With it and a keyboard I can do everything I want, fast and efficiently, I just end up hunched up a bit too close to the screen to see and accurately hit the UI buttons. Unfortunately the next step up in size from Wacom to a 22"HD is 1400 GBP (Approx $1750 USD at current exchange rates)! This I find extremely hard to justify cost wise, but I do find going back to a mouse or magic pad so slow by comparison (though I do miss the multitouch swipes from my MacBook). I have looked at similar pen displays from other manufacturers and even bought a Huion GT-185 but just found the quality of the display (only 6bit panel with dithering to approximate 8 bit) and software drivers to be too poor for general use, with pointer accuracy impossibly bad near the edges of the screen. A newish kid on the block is the Asus PT201Q which has a mac driver, is available for the 600 price of my Wacom Cintiq 13HD, has multitouch and pen with buttons, is an ideal size and reports suggest a decent screen, but the latest OSX drivers are dated early 2015 so likely don't support Sierra and may not be due to be getting any updates to do so if they haven't already at this stage. These are all products for artists looking to sketch with pressure sensitivity though and, whilst it can be fun to play with, I don't need that for my work, I just need hover, click, right click and middle click. Swipes and gestures can be very helpful too. Frustratingly it seems that Microsoft have seen this particular set of commonly useful elements and built them in to their Surface devices and even have the 3 button surface pen which seems ideal if only it had MacOS drivers. I am very close to moving to Windows to have this option and the kind of hardware flexibility for the top end that is missing these day from Apple computers. The only things holding me back are some MacOS only software tools that are essential to my work.


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