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Glass Masquerade 1.2.0

Soma as himself is serious, but friendly and cares for the people around him, all the while having a strong sense of duty and being particularly protective of Mina, his potential love interest in the same way that Dracula was fairly protective of his targets of affection. However in the scenarios that Soma becomes the Dark Lord, his malevolent nature is far more accentuated than Dracula's. Whereas Dracula treated his benefactors and supporters with respect and reward, Soma has little care for them, as he coldly killed Celia right after awakening. Much on the same way another difference is noticed, whereas Dracula was vengeful toward those that harmed his beloved ones, Soma had little care for Celia "killing" Mina, and merely killed her because he found her "annoying". When faced in battle he angrily recites the name of his challengers and then starts laughing maniacally as he teleports. Like Dracula, he is also in this mode fond of drinking blood out of a wine glass. Outside of the similarities to Dracula's personality, Soma is occasionally somewhat innocent and bashful, as demonstrated in his reactions to Yoko and Hammer's strong hintings that he and Mina are in a relationship. He occasionally shares banter with Hammer about Yoko, and in Harmony of Despair appears more jovial.

Glass Masquerade 1.2.0

Welcome to Glass Masquerade - an artistic puzzle game inspired by Art Deco & stained glass artisans of the 20th century. You need to combine hidden glass pieces to unveil clocks and themes exhibited by various cultures of the world at the 'International Times Exhibition' - an interactive electronic show.

The Umbral Witch and main protagonist of the series return with a sleuth of new and stylish that are eager to please anyone at first glance. Bayonetta has seen a makeover in her visual appearance, but not to worry, as you can customize her to your personal liking by changing the color of her outfits, glasses, and hair.

One of the last few outfits that are available to pick up comes from the Paris chapters of the game, where you meet a phantom masquerade version of Bayonetta. The outfit is a magnificent iteration of the classic french revolution style, almost to the point where the mask can go excellent with green hair to mimic a Joker cosplay on our mischievous Umbral Witch. Following is the list of colors that you can choose for the costume:

Note that, as with the rest of the Client-Server API,Application Services may masquerade as users within theirnamespace by giving a user_id query parameter. In thissituation, the server should verify that the given user_idis registered by the appservice, and return it in the responsebody.


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